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UNLF Peer Guide

Tuesday Jan 17 - Jan 25 | 11:30 am - 11:30 am

Peer Guides (PGs) support the transition of first-semester students into the learning community at TCU through their role as mentor, resource, and role model in the Introduction to University Life course. PGs support the course Instructor and help facilitate discussions and experiences that are fundamental to student success in college, such as understanding the purpose(s) of college, goal-setting, critical thinking and study skills, time-management, identifying campus resources, academic and personal integrity, encountering diverse people and perspectives, and managing stress, as examples.

Various Locations

Various Locations

About College of Science and Engineering

UNLF Peer Guide
The mission of the College of Science & Engineering is to foster knowledge of and curiosity about science, mathematics, and engineering by offering personalized, rigorous instruction that emphasizes research and internship opportunities.

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