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CEO Conference

Register for the CEO Global Conference in Kansas City – Entended Deadline

Tuesday Oct 23 - Oct 26 | 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

o Attend a conference with 500 other college students in Kansas City, MO
o Hear from incredible entrepreneurs, experience the city, and network with so many others
o Conference is November 1-4 and this is an excused absence
o Payment is $350 for paid members or $400 for non paid
 Payment covers airfare, most meals, conference registration, and hotel rooms
o Fill out the “CEO National Registration Form and Payment” at

Smith Building

Smith Building
2805 W. Louden
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About Entrepreneurship Club at TCU

The Entrepreneurship Club at TCU focuses on education and encouragement of students to succeed as entrepreneurs. The overall purpose of the Entrepreneurship Club is to foster interest in the field of entrepreneurship, develop entrepreneurial strategies, improve methods and techniques of business management, learn how to create an entrepreneurial venture, encourage practices in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities, utilize entrepreneurial skills through community outreach efforts, and develop lasting relationships among students, faculty and the business community.

Questions about this event?

Cynthia James


Phone: 8172576544