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Occupying Spaces: Gender, Sexuality and Settler Colonialism

Thursday Apr 19 | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

T.J. Tallie, Assistant Professor of History at Washington and Lee University will discuss the the myriad ways in which settler colonialism serves as an ongoing occupation, where European arrivals attempt to make a recognizable and inhabitable home in indigenous lands. In these conflicts between settlers and indigenous peoples we can see the creation of ideas of race, gender, and sexuality more clearly.

T.J. Tallie’s forthcoming book, Unsettling Natal: Race, Gender, and Colonial Logics in Southern Africa, 1850-1910, examines the creation of the nineteenth century settler colony of Natal and ideas of race and gender in the British Empire.

Scharbauer Hall

Scharbauer Hall
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Occupying Spaces: Gender, Sexuality and Settler Colonialism
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