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Frogfolio Tabling Event

Frogfolio FYI

Monday Sep 10 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Come meet our Frogfolio staff, get giveaways, and free snacks!

Mary Couts Burnett Library

Mary Couts Burnett Library
2905 South University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About FrogFolio

Frogfolio FYI
FrogFolio is a learning platform that allows students to reflect on and integrate their learning, wherever it takes place: in the classroom, in the community, in a moment of clarity on a Saturday afternoon. Essays. Snippets of reflection. Photos from internships or study abroad programs. Connections between academics and co-curricular experiences. A résumé. All of these artifacts have a part in a student’s FrogFolio. Quite simply, FrogFolio is learning, made visible.

Questions about this event?

Nikole Melgarejo


Phone: 8056242054