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First Gen Graduation Celebration

Wednesday Apr 24 - May 2 | 5:30 pm - 8:15 pm

Hello First Gen Seniors! It’s time to celebrate your graduation as we will be providing a come and go event as we want to highlight your contribution to TCU. We will be passing out your First Gen Graduation Stole during this time frame. You must fill out the application in its entirety to receive the stole.

We will see you Wednesday at the Kelly Center!

(Application/ RSVP Link)

Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center

Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center
2820 Stadium Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About Student Support Services

First Gen Graduation Celebration
The TCU Student Support Services (SSS) Program assists undergraduate students enrolled at TCU. Each student receives an individualized educational plan that outlines a strategy for addressing academic and personal needs. The Student Support Services Program seeks to increase the retention and graduation rates of eligible participants and help foster an institutional climate conducive to the success of first-generation, lower-income college students and students with disabilities. We offer many resources that include: Free Tutoring Academic Support & Guidance Mentoring Career Development Financial Aid Advising Graduate School Advising Grant Awards Please e-mail our Assistant Directors if you would like more info Mr. Jamartae Jackson: SSS Classic, Assistant Director | Ms. Jowelle: SSS STEM & Health Sciences, Assistant Director |