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Find the Frog

Monday Oct 19 | 9:00 am - 11:30 pm

Scavenger Hunt to win a $400 Amazon Gift Card. Clues given each day Monday – Friday.

Follow along for daily clues:
Twitter: @findthefrog1
Instagram: what2do_TCU
Snapchat: What2doAtTCU

1) The Frog is an item. It is larger than a dime, and smaller than an X-Box.
2) It is not inside a building.
3) You do not have to dig anything up.
4) The item is not above 6 feet above ground.
5) The item is a frog, but not a live frog.
6) The item is in plain sight.
7) If you believe you find the item, DM the social media account or email
8) Clues will be distributed daily. Follow us!

Virtual-Attend or sign up online

Virtual-Attend or sign up online
2800 S. University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76129

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Find the Frog
Student Affairs creates out-of-classroom experiences that allow TCU students to build their leadership skills, maintain their health and well-being and learn to become contributing members of the community both at TCU and in the world.

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