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Fashion Forward Exec Applications

Tuesday Apr 16 - Apr 26 | 8:00 am - 8:00 am

Available roles: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Coordinator, Social Media Manager

Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building
2900 Princeton Street
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward Exec Applications
FASHION FORWARD (FWRD) *PURPOSE: The purpose of Fashion Forward is to create an atmosphere that encourages self-expression, fosters creativity, allows for network expansion, and generates curiosity and interest about the fashion industry. *FUTURE PLANS: guest speakers and demonstrations, volunteer opportunities at community closets, tour retail stores or production facilities, design the Fashion Forward club t-shirt and vote which design will be produced, networking, annual clothing drive, creating mood boards/trend boards, sketching garments, design challenges, etc.

Questions about this event?

Sydney lynch


Phone: 8174047206