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Rwandan Dance party

Dance party

Saturday Nov 10 | 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

It is an event to honour Godelieve Mukasirasi, Global Innovator Award winner, with free food and music to make a great dance party.

She has used dance in Rwanda to foster reconciliation and what better way to celebrate her than through dance.

Join, enjoy some food and maybe show off some good moves!

Thank you!

Erma Lowe Hall

Erma Lowe Hall
3000 South University Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About Frogs For Rwanda

Our committee acts as a resource to a Rwandan student who has received the Carl and Teresa Wilkens Scholarship to participate in the IEP at TCU. The TCU Rwanda Student Committee together with the TCU-Intensive English Program are joining the nation of Rwanda in its efforts to rebuild the country by using English in the global community. Thus, the University has fully funded one student from Rwanda to enroll in the Intensive English Program for one year, living on campus and interacting with others in the TCU and Fort Worth communities, before returning home to make a more significant contribution in Rwanda.

Questions about this event?

Darlene Ninziza


Phone: 6827013960