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Ash Wednesday-2-Social

Ash Wednesday Services

Wednesday Feb 14 | 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

7:00am TCU Catholic Mass | Robert Carr Chapel
10:00am TCU Catholic Word Service | Newman Center
12:00pm Religious & Spiritual Life Ash Wednesday Service | Robert Carr Chapel
2:00pm TCU Catholic Word Service | BLUU Ballroom
5:15pm TCU Catholic Mass | Newman Center
7:00pm TCU Catholic Word Service | Robert Carr Chapel
7:00pm TCU Wesley Dinner & Fireside Worship | 2750 W. Lowden St.

Robert Carr Chapel

Robert Carr Chapel
2855 South University Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About Catholic Community

Ash Wednesday Services
The Catholic Community provides students opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist; deepen their faith through discussions, Bible study, and retreats; and express their faith through community service.

About Religious and Spiritual Life

TCU’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life supports students’ pursuit of spiritual growth, faith development and religious practice while fostering a campus atmosphere in which all members of the TCU community may fully express their beliefs, values and traditions.   Through our office, students can connect to opportunities that will enrich their faith, spirituality, and beliefs.  Whether this is connecting to one of our 22 student religious organizations, finding a local spiritual or faith community, or participating in one of the events sponsored by the office, TCU students have a plethora of avenues to seek deeper understandings of meaning and purpose.

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About Wesley Foundation

Ash Wednesday Services
TCU Wesley is a movement of students at TCU who are committed to grow spiritually and embody the joy of Christ in acts of love and service to those around us. We engage regularly together in mission. We love Jesus and think that he had amazing things to teach us about the way we should live our lives and the affect we should have on the world around us. Because of that, we read and study his life and teachings together and wrestle through what that means for how we should live changed lives at TCU. We are a diverse group of students growing together in faith as a Christian community through worship, missions, and fellowship. We reach out to and welcome students of all denominations and faith backgrounds, while remaining grounded in the United Methodist tradition. TCU Wesley is a family of friends who recognize that we were not meant to go through the college journey alone, so we join with others to form deep relationships and have fun, while strengthening our faith and growing in our relationship with God.