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76105: Dr. King Won’t Rise Premiere

Monday Jan 15 | 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the premiere screening of “76105: Dr. King Won’t Rise” January 15 at the BLUU Auditorium on the campus of TCU. Join us for appetizers and desserts starting at 6pm, with the film screening immediately following at 6:30. A panel discussion with the cast and filmmakers will follow the 30-minute film. Tickets are not required, however seating is limited to the first 300 guests. Don’t miss your only chance to see the film before it enters the festival circuit!

The Story

​“Dr. King won’t rise from the grave, Malcom X won’t rise from the grave… we have to rise up to fix what is wrong in our community.”

​Drugs, gangs, prostitution, and crime. These are the realities that have plagued the Stop 6 neighborhood of Fort Worth for decades. However, for Dante, Quinton, and Franklin, Stop 6 was home. Home meant sleeping at your friends house, playing football in the streets, learning what it means to be a man from your brothers, and not falling prey to the vices of the community. They learned that being a product of your environment is up to interpretation. For them, it meant “World Wide P”, a band of brothers that uplifted each other and applied ‘the ultimate peer pressure, in a positive way”. It meant coming back to the community that raised them, and teaching the men of their community to rise up and not fall victim to societal stereotypes. In a community rich in history and decorated with culture, these men chose to come back and be the impact the neighborhood needed; to blur the racial lines and bring healing to a hurting city. From these desires CommUnity Frontline was born, and it’s their story we tell.

A note from the filmmakers: We welcome all ages at this event, however children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult, due to the presence of strong language and mature themes.