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Paint Party + Frog Camp Reunion

Friday Aug 23 | 10:00 pm - 11:45 pm

Kick off the semester with a party like you’ve never seen and reunite with your Frog Camp group!.  Paint.  DJs.  Dancing.  Paint.  Everywhere.

BLUU Auditorium

BLUU Auditorium
2901 Stadium Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About TCU Frog Camp

Paint Party + Frog Camp Reunion
Frog Camp is all about you finding your place at TCU; whether that place is line dancing in the Fort Worth Stockyards, on top of the tallest climbing wall in Texas, rafting down Colorado's Taylor River, or building a house with Habitat for Humanity. Each camp is unique, but at every camp you'll make friends, discuss college issues, and prepare for life at TCU.

About TCU Student Activities

Paint Party + Frog Camp Reunion
Student Activities at TCU is obsessed with creating an unforgettable experience for students at TCU. We are not only in the business of creating great events and activities for students and the community to attend, but we are in the business of creating memories that will last a lifetime. We want our students to laugh, be entertained, be challenged, be comforted and make connections with other students across the campus. We offer lots of opportunities for involvement such as theCrew , Hall Crew, the Student Government Association, and we also provide funding and planning/marketing assistance for student organization events. To find out What2Do@TCU, we encourage you to visit our website, and check out our calendar of upcoming events including Homecoming, Frogs First, and Family Weekend.

About theEnd

Paint Party + Frog Camp Reunion
theEnd is all about creating unforgettable experiences on Friday and Saturday nights on campus.

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