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Jellyfish Jam Headphone Disco hosted by theEnd and theCrew!

Friday Mar 24 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Jellyfish Jam Headphone Disco
with theEnd and theCREW

Friday, March 24th at 7pm in the BLUU Auditorium

Headphone Disco is a dance party like never before where all of your friends could be listening to something different but still dance the night away together! Snacks and drinks while supplies last!

Never been to a Headphone Disco? Here is how it works…

  1. You and your friends arrive at the event and take a pair of our awesome wireless headphones
  2. Two DJs set up and spin two different styles of music side by side. One DJ might be spinning top 40 while the other is spinning the latest hip hop on the same dance floor at the same time!

  3. You select the DJ of choice using a toggle switch on your headphones and get to dancing. You can also switch DJs at any time during the event.

BLUU Auditorium

BLUU Auditorium
2901 Stadium Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About theCrew

Jellyfish Jam Headphone Disco hosted by theEnd and theCrew!
theCrew is a behind the scenes group that implements events for students at TCU, making the live music, movies, wild animals, video games, art and other chaotic events go off up to three times a day! Every Monday, our massive group meets up at 8:00pm on the 1st Floor of the BLUU behind the Info Desk. You’ll choose a team based on your availability and get paired up with a dynamic duo of team leaders. In your team, you’ll brainstorm some wild events and start planning out the details that will bring your ideas to life and brighten someone’s day. Every week, we’re all here to relax, unwind, and have a good time while coming up with the next big thing for TCU.

About theEnd

Jellyfish Jam Headphone Disco hosted by theEnd and theCrew!
theEnd is all about creating unforgettable experiences on Friday and Saturday nights on campus.

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