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Frogs for Wellness Peer Educator Application

Tuesday Mar 20 - Apr 9 | 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

The Wellness Center Peer Educators are students committed to educating the TCU community about health and wellness issues. All Wellness Center Peer Educators promote awareness, provide educational outreach, and serve as accessible resources for fellow students. Wellness Center Peer Educators positions are selective University leadership roles which afford students opportunities to gain distinctive educational and developmental benefits.

About TCU Wellness Center

Frogs for Wellness Peer Educator Application
The TCU Wellness Center works to promote a holistic approach to wellness within the Horned Frog community. Our goal is to serve students by helping them understand the value of creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will last a lifetime. Our office  is located on the basement floor of the Campus Recreation Center in room 049.

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The Wellness Center


Phone: 509-220-9239