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Frogfolio Showcase Nominations

Monday Mar 25 - Apr 12 | 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Showcase and winners will be revealed at our showcase on April 23! If you have any questions, email Use link below to submit a nomination:

Rees Jones Hall

Rees Jones Hall

About FrogFolio

Frogfolio Showcase Nominations
FrogFolio is a learning platform that allows students to reflect on and integrate their learning, wherever it takes place: in the classroom, in the community, in a moment of clarity on a Saturday afternoon. Essays. Snippets of reflection. Photos from internships or study abroad programs. Connections between academics and co-curricular experiences. A résumé. All of these artifacts have a part in a student’s FrogFolio. Quite simply, FrogFolio is learning, made visible.

Questions about this event?

Jacob Buttry


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