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Tuesday Apr 3 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

French Film Festival – 7pm – Sid Richardson Building (SWR) LH3 – FREE and OPEN to the Public –

Fatima lives on her own with two daughters to support: 15-year old Souad, a teenager in revolt, and 18-year old Nesrine, who is starting medical school. Fatima speaks French poorly and is constantly frustrated by her daily interactions with her daughters. Her pride and joy, they are also a source of worry. To ensure the best possible future for them, she works odd hours as a cleaning woman. One day, she takes a fall on the stairs. On leave, Fatima begins to write to her daughters in Arabic that which she has never been able to express in French.

Sid Richardson Building

Sid Richardson Building
2955 South University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About The Department of Modern Language Studies

The Department of Modern Language Studies teaches Chinese, French, German, Italian and Japanese as well as the cultures and literatures of the countries where these languages are spoken. Studying a language involves not only communication, but also understanding cultures, connecting with other disciplines, learning to compare linguistic and cultural traditions, and appreciating the role of language in our global community.  

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