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Faculty Favorite Lecture Series: The Beauty of Bach–Rediscovering the Magic Behind the Meister with Dr. Till MacIvor Meyn

Wednesday Nov 16 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

What if you could unravel the complex mysteries of some of the most elegant and beloved classical compositions? The music of J.S. Bach has been enthralling audiences and inspiring composers ever since its revival nearly two hundred years ago. More recently, scholars and musicians have revitalized Bach’s music through its study and performance, and audiences around the world have gained the richness of this vast repertoire. From cantatas to concertos, fugues to fantasias, we will discover the magic in this breathtaking music. Together, let’s explore the inner workings of some of Bach’s most intricate compositions!

Pepsico Recital Hall

Pepsico Recital Hall
2800 S. University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76109

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