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Amazing Vietnam: Remember Me

Friday Apr 13 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Backing the unwillingness to submit to the invasion of outsiders throughout Vietnamese history are the family love and devotions between husband and wife, as well as parents and children.

AMAZING VIETNAM 2018 introduces the less known aspect of war: civilian life during wartime – how people supported their loved ones on the front line with their absolute faith in the victory of the nation.

THIS APRIL 13TH – Come and join us in this journey through life in the war zone at #TCUAVN18 on Facebook!

BLUU Ballroom

BLUU Ballroom
2901 Stadium Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76129

About Vietnamese Student Association

Amazing Vietnam: Remember Me
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a cultural student organization that strives to strengthen student unity, represent Vietnamese students’ voice, and enhance diversity at TCU. We are passionate about promoting Vietnamese culture at TCU through fun and exciting events such as Lunar New Year Celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Vietnamese Culture Night. VSA is open to all TCU students who are interested in exploring Vietnamese unique culture, beauty, and traditions. VSA also serves as a caring and inclusive community where members develop strong bonds, share experiences, and support each other with personal and career development.